Cancel-Clear-Delete 3-hour Online Grief Symposium

For the individual who is struggling to navigate through the loss of a loved one, a relationship or their identity.


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Grief is the sorrow we feel when we experience a painful loss. It is a powerful emotion that touches us all at some point in our lives, but very few of us have the tools to process these feelings.

Mourning and grief is not something that is associated with death only. We grieve over the loss of a relationship, a job or the end of a phase of life.

Moving beyond the debilitation that grief can cause requires immense courage.

There is a great feeling of sadness when we lose someone or something that is very dear to our hearts.

The darkness that accompanies grief often affects us to the core of our soul. The soul is our unique and immortal essence which has two parts: the finite and the infinite self.

Our finite self - inclusive of our personality, emotions and ego - accepts the world as a physical reality.

Since all things, people and objects within our material world die or can be destroyed, the finite self perceives death as an end, which can inspire great confusion, pain and fear.

Our infinite self knows we are immortal, because our essence is energy or spirit, which never ceases to exist. 

It can be difficult to cultivate such balance when we are experiencing grief because we all mourn differently.

Grief is a big part of my story and so I know that the weight of loss is heavy. Grief shows up through many different channels. Grief also shows up on many different levels.

To the person who is grieving, no matter how it shows up, the effects of grief are very real and affect you at a Soul level.

The process of grief is very individual, but grief has to be processed to be healed. Our grief is different and each soul experiences it differently.

When we are in the throws of grief it is purely about survival. There are days when you can’t sleep enough, and others where you can’t sleep at all. There are days when you can’t eat, and other days where you just can’t stop eating. Days where you are all cried out, and whole stretches of days where you cry all the time, even in your sleep. Days where you can’t stop thinking, and days where you can’t think at all.

In the beginning, grief must be experienced and respected as primal, where our very survival hinges on being able to ebb and flow with this process, far greater than ourselves. Eventually though, it’s important to start seeing grief for what it is on a larger level… sacred work for the soul.

When someone you love dies, or you experience a great loss, your physical reality is permanently altered and our finite self must be nurtured and allowed time to mourn.

Two people can experience a similar loss but their reaction to it can be very different. It is this difference that often creates a greater disconnect within people and the temptation to withdraw yourself can be a very real challenge.

We all have the potential within to overcome challenges and conquer hurdles, however what that process looks like for every individual carries varying differences.

By grieving the loss we ultimately invite our own healing and soul progress… making room for new understanding, acceptance, clarity, compassion and evolution to come in.

Grief is the sorrow we feel… mourning is the process of navigating our grief. 

Soul-centered grieving allows the infinite self to guide the finite self as it mourns and adjusts to the new reality. 

When we honor our emotions, fears and doubts as spiritual opportunities, and how the soul works through the process, we can begin to understand and integrate the gifts and evolutionary invitations and lessons the loss has allowed us the opportunity to understand.

As a global community we would greatly benefit from understanding and tolerating grief in all it’s forms. Grief is inescapable, non discriminating, all equalizing and an integral part of our soul work.

While grief can be excruciatingly isolating, it doesn’t have to be. Compassion for ourselves and others is the answer to overcoming. I believe it would help if in some way we can think of getting through grief as a required right of passage for the soul.

My Cancel, Clear, Delete Online Symposium is a powerful 3 hour Work-In designed to help you:

  • Understand the grief dynamic and how the body processes the emotion
  • Honor the process of your pain
  • Identify the purpose in the experience
  • Receive clarity on how the grief process is connected to your soul
  • Understand the 7-steps to dealing with grief
  • Come out on the other side with clarity, strength and peace of mind

If you are struggling with mental and emotional turmoil over:

  • The Loss of a Loved One
  • The Breakup of a Relationship
  • A Disruption in your Job, Career or Business
  • Having identified that you are stuck in the process of pain and having a difficult time navigating your way out…

Then I want to invite you to join me for this powerful online symposium, designed to help you understand how to process your experience with clarity, strength and direction to move you powerfully through the heartbreak, grief and feeling of “stuck” into the place of power and purpose.

The cost for this 3-day Work-In is $199 but for the next 48 hours you qualify for the early bird price of $149.

And as an additional bonus…

The first 10 people to signup and pay full price will receive a 1-hour breakthrough coaching session with me.

During this breakthrough coaching session, you will have access to my intuitive gifts as we will delve into the mental and emotional struggles associated with your personal loss and I will guide you on how to successfully transcend the debilitating emotions so you can come out on the other side.

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