You Can Create an Extraordinary Quality of Life!

PRICE: $799 $399 (limited time offer)

(LIVE 6-day Group Coaching Program)


If you could go back 5, 10, 20 years and spend one day with your 20-year old self and change some limiting belief systems that would ensure you creating more successful, happier experiences by avoiding some of the decisions you made, how would your life be impacted?

If you could tap into your gift and do what you love doing every day and be paid for it, what would that be worth to you?

"It happened so fast that I got scared. REALLY scared! I was reflecting the other day and I began to think...since I began working with Denika Penn-Carothers in May of this year, I've manifested the following: 1) a flexible job that allows me to work on my own business 2) a new car 3) a townhome, and last (but definitely not least) my love and I have rekindled and I am on cloud 9, 10 and! Thank you Denika for teaching me how to tap into my power within!" -Misti Buard

Are you ready to learn something that can positively and profoundly affect the quality of your life?

"Just going through her coaching program changed my life. It woke me up to a lot of things I was holding in, a lot of things I was repressing. Through her coaching program I learned how to untangle myself, and, not even two weeks after I finished her coaching program, I ended up being able to work with Cirque du Soleil and In my mind she's a life changer."  -Vernetta Freeney

  • If you are bound mentally and emotionally you will struggle to achieve success in your finances, relationships, career and health.
  • Creating the life you desire to live is your responsibility. Learning how to do that is your choice.
  • You can choose to focus on the problems or decide to seek the solutions and move towards them.
  • Holding on to the Pain of the Past will eventually become a hindrance to your financial and relationship success.

What if you chose to believe that living a successful life was just 6 days away...

"Denika's program was so transformational for me...

I had a breakthrough the very first session... the layers were just pulled back. She is in tune, insightful and a spiritual breath of fresh air. If you're ready to step into your purpose and get some guidance on that, and support in attaining your goals, she's definitely the person to help you."

-Charity Selvey

What could next week look like for you?

Life is always presenting you with opportunities to grow and evolve. Choosing to see the obstacles for what they really are... OPPORTUNITIES... will open you up to a completely new reality and way of life.

What would your new life look like?

"I was sick of life and I wanted to lock myself away and just be by myself... no more pain. One day. Denika came up on my Facebook feed so I opened up the link and had a look and messaged her and she messaged me back and said 'let's talk'. The turn around that I have had has been incredible! She gave me the tools and showed me how to change my mindset. She showed me a new way and it's been incredible! I wouldn't have believed it, but I'm living proof of it. I am the happiest I've ever been in my life! This very special lady gave me that and I am so grateful to her." -Kelly Matthews

Is a new life with new experiences, new love, new opportunities, new success, newfound freedom something that your soul longs for?

Do you know that just ONE different choice could result in a brand new, beautiful outcome for you and your life?

How do I know?

IT HAPPENED FOR ME... and hundreds of clients that I have worked with!

But if you don't make different choices right now, what will your life look like one, two or five years from now?

If you don't change something, nothing will change...

"There are no words to describe the experience or better stated, the shift, that occurred in my life after working with Denika. She guided me to realize that I was not living within my life purpose and I began the process of asking the questions that came out of our session. I am now on a path that is filled with passion and purpose. I recommend Denika to everyone that I know and don't know."

-Lisbet Newton

And whilst change is inevitable in life, progress is optional. Your progress in life is determined by the choices YOU make.

Focusing on what is not will not get you closer to what you desire to be. Beginning right now, you can take the power back that you've given to others.

And, I don't want you to focus on saying "no" to them. Rather I challenge you to begin saying "YES" to yourself.

If you are frustrated by a life that no longer brings you joy...

If you are dissatisfied with the conditions of your:

  • Relationships
  • Finances
  • Mental & Emotional well-being
  • Health

And you desire more joy, stability, security, satisfaction, peace, happiness, freedom, contentment and success...

Then FOCUS to Financial, Mental & Emotional Freedom in 6 days will help you!

Condense Decades Into Days... as you learn how to:

  • Use the Power of Faith to conquer your fears.
  • See the Opportunities that your obstacles are ushering in for you.
  • Use the discomfort of Criticism to tap into your natural innate talents to create financial freedom.
  • Utilize your God-given gifts and walk in Power as you redefine the emotions of unhappiness, anxiety, disappointment and heartbreak.
  • Secure your Success as you identify and release self-sabotaging behaviors that create barriers to you becoming the greatest aspect of yourself.

Experience the Freedom you Desire to Have NOW!

Holding on to, focusing on and continuing to relive the pain of your past will only inhibit you creating freedom in your future.

Take advantage of this 48-hour discounted price offer. Space is limited and this offer will disappear in 2 days so secure your seat to this transformative, powerful and life changing 6-day online course right now.

PRICE: $799 $399 (limited time offer)

(LIVE 6-day Group Coaching Program)

Meet Your Facilitator:

Born on the island of Grand Bahama in the Bahamas, Denika Carothers, Best-selling author, International Speaker and Creator of Reclaim Your Divine Feminine PowHER and FOCUS to Victory, is an Intuitive Life/Soul Coach, Womb Energy Specialist and Mindset Accelerator Coach who helps people RECLAIM their Divine PowHER, so they can truly thrive.

She teaches what she has learned through experience. After an emotionally abusive marriage of 10 years, she chose to sell her nail salon and nail academy and relocate to Houston Texas fifteen years ago to align with her Divine purpose. She began a new life and mission as Founder and Owner of Live With Purpose Coaching.

For more than 20 years she has taught both women and men to confront and release the energy of rejection and abandonment and transform the pain of the past, into a life filled with PowHER and Purpose. By identifying and uncovering the root core issues of your challenges, she lovingly shows you how to transform your mess as she guides you out of your pain and disappointment into your PowHER place.

She will show you how to create a MEW (Mentally Emotionally Well) YOU!

Her passion as a Master Intuitive, Certified Life Coach and degreed Christian Counselor is to assist you in aligning with your soul's purpose and help you to understand your challenges and the events of your life, so you can truly love yourself and your life from the inside out and navigate life with clarity and connection.