Brand New Life-Changing PowHERup Course:

A F.R.E.S.H. Look 

Flowing with Clarity in the PowHER of Who (and What) You ARE

It's time for you to LOOK at yourself... and your life... differently!

As you begin to Awaken to your Divinity and connect to the power potential within you, your life, as you have known it, as you have seen it and as you've understood it, begins to change.

With a greater understanding of who you are comes a questioning of who you have been.

The scales of faulty core beliefs and untruths begin to fall away and the way you start to see things may feel foreign to you.

The period of awakening brings with it an inner urge and desire to move forward in this new found awareness that there's "greater" to your life as you feel a need to pursue more.

This forward motion can sometimes appear scary and challenging when, all of a sudden, you feel that you have more questions than answers to your life, as everything begins to "feel" bigger than you. And while you feel a new sense of power and purpose, you can also feel that you are less in control of your situations and life. But you can quickly shift this. 

Life brings challenges... this is true. 

You have had painful life experiences...  

You've been disappointed by relationships and people in relationships...  

You've experienced major life setbacks...

And in this period of your life you may even feel that you are pulling away from people (or they are pulling away from you). You may feel that things are getting more difficult in your life.

However the way you view your challenges can create further obstacles that you find difficult to overcome. The good news is that this too can shift quickly...


Challenges are created to be overcome!

And I understand... It is difficult to see what you can't see.

But let me tell you why you need to put yourself in a position to SEE what you want to see rather than what you don't...

Whatever you give your attention to causes you to emit a vibration and the vibration that you give out will attract to you what you are expecting through your point of attention.

This sounds confusing to many people. But you HAVE to understand vibration or you will never be able to intentionally create a life of success, power, happiness and abundance.

That is why I have created my newest PowHERup Course: A F.R.E.S.H. Look.

This 6-week course is part one of a two course series.This course is designed to help you see what you cannot see and develop a PowHERful perspective with which you can create a powerfully, successful life. 

Until you are able to change the way the way you "see" your life, what you see in your life will not change.

A F.R.E.S.H. Look is designed to help you truthfully analyze where you currently are, identify the belief systems that are hindering you from having a PowHERful Perspective and will teach you how to uproot and release every thought, belief, feeling and untruth that creates misalignment with the Divine, powerful being that you were created to be.

As a High-Achieving individual you tend to have it all figured out for everyone else, but when it comes to you being able to create the life you desire, you don't seem to be able to connect the dots. 

As a Divine Feminine or Masculine you're in the perfect season of your life to create PowHER, Passion and Purpose. This 6-week interactive course, that you can do from the privacy and comfort of your own home, will help you...

  • Identify your self-created success obstacles
  • Conquer and move beyond these obstacles
  • Connect the dots so that you can create success in your life
  • Reframe your life story from pain and disappointment to one of potential, PowHER and purpose
  • Become a vibrational match to what you do want rather than what you don't want
  • Understand what every life experience you have had means for you so that you can embrace the lessons and use them to create a power-filled life
  • Steer you in the direction to TRULY, once and for all, co-create the amazing, powerful, joyful life that you long for.  

Let me remind you that...  

You are a PowHERful Force You ARE a Divine Force You DESERVE to live the life you desire to live You WERE created to be more, do more and have more You CAN design a life that empowers, inspires and elevates you every day You WILL have that beginning today, if you choose to 

Right now, you can be one of the FIRST to gain access to this Amazing, Life-Changing course!! 

Enroll today and you may be eligible for a $100 discount (only 40 seats available)

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Here's what you'll receive...


FORGIVE to Forget

Unforgiveness creates vibrational obstacles to manifesting a happy, successful and abundant life. If you have a memory that creates an emotional reaction that you feel in your body, chances are you are harboring unforgiveness. This course will teach you how to release the pain of the past through the power of forgiveness.


RELEASE and Reframe

We all have a life story. Your story will either powerfully catapult you or it will cripple you. Life is designed to be a beautiful dance. You can either stay stuck in the sting of the story or reframe your story to create abundance and success in your life. Module two will teach you how to rise in the glory of what the "stories" of your life represent for you, how to flow in the dance of life and the power of reframing your life experiences.


EVALUATE to Elevate 

The feelings behind your story are the force that drives the power for magnifying and amplifying your creative potential and process. You are always creating and your feelings and emotions are the fuel behind your creations. In module three you will learn how to identify and tap into the power of your feelings so that you can use this powerful energy to elevate in the five key areas of your life. 


SECURE your Success 

Success is a personal, individual connection. What one person views as success may be a foreign concept to someone else. But what does success represent for you? When you don't have a vision of success you will never be able to tap into it. This module will show you how to map out your success blueprint so you can secure a successful life.


HEALING your Heart  

The heart is the force and source of life. If your heart is not functioning at a healthy capacity, both physically and emotionally, the pulse of your life will be weak. Learning how to heal and guard your heart will enable you to elevate the optimal function of your day-to-day life. In module five you will discover where you need to restore love and light in your life and learn how to recharge your emotional well-being. 


Let's Wrap It All Up  

You can consistently tap into your potential, purpose and PowHER. During this live interactive question and answer session you will receive final takeaways that you can implement right away to begin creating, and living, the life you deserve to live.


F.R.E.S.H. Support  

You are not on this journey alone. With lifetime access to our exclusive F.R.E.S.H. Support Network you have access to a community of soul-connected individuals who will have your back and your heart. You will also be paired with an accountability partner to share space with you on this FRESH new journey.

I honor your trust in me to walk this very personal and sacred part of your life journey with you. I want to honor you for being committed to your PowHERful process and for being an action taker. To support your commitment I am offering 2 FREE BONUSES to the first 15 students who enroll and pay in full...

F.R.E.S.H. Assessment

45-minute Complimentary One-to-One Coaching Session 

Connect with Denika via video conference for a 45-minute one-to-one complimentary assessment coaching call. During this call Denika will review your pre-completed assessment form with you and provide you with individual coaching on how you can best utilize the course to fulfill your individual needs and desires.


RECLAIM Your Divine Feminine PowHER Workbook

This is a Powerful Tool for both women and men. You cannot create intentionally and/or powerfully when you don't know what you want. This powerful manifesting tool will help you bring clarity to what your soul desires and assist you in unlocking your dreams as you open the portal to manifesting them.

Meet Your Coach...


Denika is a certified Master Intuitive, Life Coach and Counselor. Her focus of passion and purpose is teaching women (and men) how to RECLAIM, and walk in their Divine PowHER and overcome the obstacles and limitations that are associated with Rejection and Abandonment. With over 20+ years experience, she has helped thousands of people tap into the power within so they can discover and align with their life purpose and passions. She is affectionately referred to as a "Life Changer" by her clients.

Client Experiences...

The Title I give her is Life Changer...  

"Just going through her coaching program changed my life. It woke me up to a lot of things I was holding in, a lot of things I was repressing. Through her coaching program I learned how to untangle myself, and, not even two weeks after I finished her coaching program, I ended up being able to work with Cirque du Soleil and In my mind she's a life changer."  


The turn around I've had has been incredible!  

"I was sick of life and I wanted to lock myself away and just be by myself... no more pain. One day. Denika came up on my Facebook feed so I opened up the link and had a look and messaged her and she messaged me back and said 'let's talk'. The turn around that I have had has been incredible! She gave me the tools and showed me how to change my mindset. She showed me a new way and it's been incredible! I wouldn't have believed it, but I'm living proof of it. I am the happiest I've ever been in my life! This very special lady gave me that and I am so grateful to her."  


Denika is more than just a 5-Star rating! 

"She continues to come highly recommended and I concur with the UNIVERSE!!!  

This phenomenal being will help you define who you are and your purpose. She is positive energy that is very exuberant and her presence is definitely felt, whether it's a one to one or a group of individuals she is engaging with. Even when you feel you don't have a purpose in life, a passion, gifts or talents, she is able to help you find your true meaning of self, and help you to LIVE in your purpose and even ignite what already exists in you. She helps you see your greatness."  


I had a breakthrough the very first session!

"Denika's program was so transformational for me. I had a breakthrough the very first session... the layers were just pulled back. She is in tune, insightful and a spiritual breath of fresh air. If you're ready to step into your purpose and get some guidance on that, and support in attaining your goals, she's definitely the person to help you." 


Denika is a bright, glowing light. 

"She is your light until you have enough courage to shine brightly for yourself. Her belief in you and what you’re capable of, along with holding you accountable and expecting your best keeps you coming back every time. I am changed because of her. Denika taught me how to change my negative thoughts, my reactions to others, my negative beliefs, how to own my truths, and how to use my voice to serve others. She sees you when you find it hard to see yourself. I found her on google and the correct words are really that I was drawn to her from the very beginning. When you meet her, you’ll know why. Don’t delay, allow her to help you open your heart and soul to your light."" 


Your life is the result of how you "see" it. What you see you will say and what you say you will see.

The key to bringing something into your experience that you desire is to achieve vibrational harmony with what you desire. I will teach you how to do that.

If the life you are currently living is not what you want it to be then allow me to help you change your view. I have the gift, connection and expertise to show you how to shift yor entire life around... 180 degrees honey.... guaranteed! 

If you are ready to move beyond the negativity and obstacles so that you can manifest success and PowHER in every area of your life...

If you are ready to design your life intentionally and stop feeling like you have no control over the events taking place in your life...

If you want the experience of having everything you desire rather than feeling that sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't...

 Then click on the link below and let's have a conversation today. 

Tomorrow is not promised but I can promise you this... 

What you do with your today will lay the blueprint for the creation of your tomorrow... and I will help you by showing you HOW to create your desired reality.


The first 15 enrollees will be offered a $100 discount (only 40 seats available).

Normal price: $599  

Your price: $399