Master Course

Stinking thinking will keep you stuck in defeat, despair and hopelessness.

I have devoted years to the study of how your thoughts are a direct correlation to the creation of what you experience as your "reality" in life.

Want to know how I have helped thousands of clients to create success in their lives by learning how to master their thoughts?

If you are ready to FOCUS your way to Victory rather than feeling like a victim to external circumstances my new Master Course, FOCUS To Victory will teach you how to move through the battlefield of your mind confidently and powerfully to achieve success.

This 6 week online Master Course begins April 18th, 2020. You will be provided with the link to join the weekly classes upon registration.

Why should you sign up for this course?

You DESERVE to be Victorious in your life! If not you... then who?

Unleash your potential to create greatness today and give yourself the opportunity to create everything you desire to experience in your life.

Better Relationships... YES

Connect to your purpose... YES

Moving beyond your obstacles... YES

Walking in your Power... YES

Bringing your dreams into reality... YES

Understand how to do it all... I GATCHU!

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This class will show you how to...

  • Figure out what's limiting you so you can overcome hurdles to success.
  • Own your power to bring calm to your mind and move through your obstacles.
  • Create a mental environment that attracts success to you.
  • Utilize what you have available to you and make your gifts work for you.
  • Shape your mindset and reframe your thinking to create a life of abundance and happiness.

Struggling With Uncertainty

Your life is created based on your perception of it. Learn how to harness your thoughts to create what you want rather than what you don't.

Speaking Powerfully

You use your words EVERY day. It can be hard to speak positively when faced with negative situations. Learn how to cultivate your words in any circumstance to produce power and success rather than defeat and failure.

Create Your Success

Identify your Super Power and how you can utilize it to help you create AMAZING successful experiences in all areas of life.

Setting Your Trajectory

Successful people appear totally in tune with their life. Learn how to shape your mindset to completely align you with creating a life of victory, power and purpose.

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What: FOCUS to Victory Master Course

When: Begins April 18th, 2020 @ 1pm CST

Where: Zoom Virtual Class (Link Provided at Registration)

Why: Because you DESERVE the Victory!

Meet Your Facilitator...

"If you don't deal with your limiting beliefs and destructive habits they will inevitably deal with you." Denika Carothers

Hi I'm Denika Carothers. My title is Life Coach but I'm really much more than that. I coach you in your life from the place of your Soul. I guess you can say I'm a Soul Life Coach ;)

The work I do, at its core, is a catalyst for transformation. It is the spark that gets to the root of the mental and emotional challenges. Your mental and emotional approach to life's situations will determine whether you struggle through or power through.

I work mainly with women (also men) between their late 20's and mid 50's. I move them through rejection, frustration, anxiety, hopelessness and grief as I connect them to their potential, PowHER and Purpose. This is achieved as they learn how to access mental and emotional wellness by identifying their underlying fears, anxieties emotional and mental challenges and addressing them at the core root cause (the place of origination).

Is there such thing as a limitless life?

My short answer is YES. Choosing to be victorious in your life and removing self-imposed limitations, powers you up to break free from settling for the norms of society, past hurts and unhealed pain, the negative definitions imposed on you by others and limiting belief systems.

By choosing a limitless, powerful life you give yourself permission to live the authentic, purposeful and passionate life you were created to live.

It isn't so much about being wealthy (though you can choose that as well) as it is finding that place of peace, fulfillment and self-love within that enables you to wake up every day loving the life that you live, the skin that you're in and the people around you.

My clients trust me because they know I have their total well-being as my highest priority... Mind, Body and Soul. My varied experiences in both the private and public sector, and my convictions around confidentiality, equality and trust, allows me to provide direction and personalized support in building your ability to lead a self-managed, successful and victorious life.

So... are you in?


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Price: $1999 $799 (limited time only)

*Or choose our 3 payment installment plan of $267